Technics - How it's Done

- Lightweight (Home Trainer)
- Fast calibration (all systems) and
- Impressive update speed (all systems)

The technology behind DigiCorpus solutions is based, among other things, on research performed at the University of Copenhagen by two founders of DigiCorpus, Jon Sporring and Kim Steenstrup Pedersen and their team of PhD students, in the areas of Computer Vision, Bio-Imaging and Digital Signal Processing (DSP).

We use standard components in non-critical areas and our proprietary software components in the critical areas of system utilization. This is the basis for the simple and intuitive use of, and interaction with, our systems. In addition, the DigiCorpus Home Trainer offers lightweight home solutions, featureing fast camera calibration, and impressive updating speed.

Thus, we are not limited by the functionality of standard systems, or computer gaming components nor do we use hardware platforms derived from office computers, whose limited functionality and durability fails to meet the requirements for clinical use, physiotherapy training and rehabilitation, the training and development of athletes.

In order to ensure absolute excellence, we perform studies /and clinical trials of our products on a continoual basis. 

Below we have included links to select scientific articles, which may be of interest to customers or others who would like further insight into the technical foundation of our solutions:


"3D Home Rehab" Jon Sporring and Kim Steenstrup Pedersen (Overview article, Dept of Computer Science), University of Copenhagen.



"Spatial Models of Human Motion" (PhD Thesis). - Soeren Hauberg, (Dept. of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen).



"Interactive Modelling and Simulation of Human Motion" (PhD Thesis). - Morten Pol Engell-Noerregaard (Dept. of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen).




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