Corporate Health

Increased Health - a Benefit for CSR and Economy

Employees who perform physically demanding tasks (lifting, pulling, etc.) could benefit from back and shoulder workouts. 

Employees with more sedentary jobs, could benefit from back and cardio training, to reduce the risk of back and circulatory problems.



For the Company - Healthier employees mean fewer sick days and optimizing the health-oriented part of the CSR policy.

For the Employee - Reduced risk of injury, improving one's own health and physical well-being. Minor physical defects are prevented from developing into real issues. 


Standard and Individual Programs 

DigiCorpus solutions allow employees to benefit from tailor-made training programs. Exercises are performed with the support of DigiCorpus Instant Feedback, which helps correct user- training performance. Proper training helps prevent work-related injuries and reduce sick leave. 

The systems' automatic monitoring ensures that you are training with the proper quality and frequency. The built-in tests increase employee motivation and thus improve training results over time.


Contact - Business Cases

We help develop concrete business cases for your company. Our solutions are also available for on-site testing and review. Please contact:


Health and economy

DigiCorpus solutions improve and sustain employee health, and heop prevent work-related injuries. Compliance, and training quality can be increased through targeted instant feedback systems.

Our systems are continuously updated with new exercises and functionality.


Clinical Evidence

With the goal of meeting the highest clinical standards, DigiCorpus has conducted a clinical study in cooperation with University of Copenhagen.


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